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Joseph and Sandra Patania

“The rainwater tanks installed on this property help provide irrigation and emergency fire suppression water for the residence and onsite daycare facility. A group of youth from the community helped with installation, making this project educational as well.” - WP Project Lead

Mary Eid

“The program is a model that should be promoted throughout the state given the water scarcity in California … there should be more incentives for people to capture water and use recycled water in their gardens rather than potable water.” - Mary Eid

Sondra Ahlen

"Hosting a greywater workshop at my house was a dream come true. Everyone banded together, taught each other, lent their skills, learned new techniques, and the results were amazing. Now my washing machine is watering my fruit trees." - Sondra Ahlen

Rachel Castognia

"The primary goal of this Laundry-to-Landscape system was to reduce the load on an aging septic system. Recycled water from the laundry was used to irrigate existing native trees in the client's yard." -WP Project Lead

Korena David

"After considering a rain water catchment tank for years it was the rebate opportunity that finally really motivated us. Thanks to the team at WP for helping us from initial consultation to installation, and to the TCRCD for making funding available. We are thrilled to be contributing to conservation in such a local way. " - Korena David & Steve

Wondernut Farm

" Water erosion was damaging the landowner's property. By installing diversion swales and water bars, we were able to turn stormwater into a resource to help water livestock. Working with the Americorps National Civilian Corps was great; they were efficient and fun to work with." - WP Project Lead

Tenaya Elementary

"This is a beautiful place for kids to get dirt under their fingernails and experience their world in a tactile way. Supporting the school veggie garden with alternative water is a great way to facilitate experiential learning about conservation and natural systems." - WP Project Lead

Motherlode Fairgrounds

"This has been a great project, working with the RCD and WP has been easy and productive. We are looking forward to all the advantages of using rainwater for the fair livestock and other times throughout the year." -Missy Marino

Chinese Camp Elementary

"A bonus to having this rain tank is the ability to gauge the water level after a storm. With a level indicator on the tank, students will have a deeper understanding of how many gallons are collected off the roof. Their looks of surprise are a highlight for any teacher." -Sheri Betz, teacher

The Refuge

To increase this residence’s focus on water conservation, a laundry to landscape system was installed with over 32,000 gallons/year of potable water preserved. Through a hydrated landscape, the treatment increases the site’s fire resilience, while decreasing embedded energy from pumped water.

Rush Creek Lodge

"It is an honor to work on this groundbreaking project that will provide wonderful multi-benefits to the site. I am so grateful that the owners and staff of Rush Creek Lodge are open to installing projects like this, which increase the potentials of sustainability." WP

Evergreen Lodge

"Thanks to the rebate incentives from the Landowner Resilience Partnership, Evergreen Lodge is in the design and planning phase for a system expansion that will provide an additional 1.5 million gallons of water reuse annually." -WP Project Lead

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