The Land Resilience Partnership (LRP) originated in Tuolumne County as a partnership with Watershed Progressive and the Tuolumne County Resource Conservation District (TCRCD). The LRP engages with community members and landowners to promote local on-site land and water management treatments, such as rainwater harvesting, greywater reuse, stormwater recharge projects, and water-efficient,  fire-resilient landscaping.

The partnership currently operates in Tuolumne, South Calaveras, Ventura, and Mendocino, and is open to all CA counties. The LRP is funded by grants from the Department of Water Resources (DWR), the Wildlife Conservation Board (WCB), and through many local water district, agencies, organizations and stakeholders like you.


Be a land tenant on lease, landowner, organizational/agency director/manager or person of authority for the site to be assessed

The LRP works with:

Single and multiple family residences
Ranches and rural communities
Small Agriculture (<500 acres)
Public Lands, Parks, Schools
Commercial Businesses & Properties
Light Industrial Businesses & Properties
Mixed Use Residences