Building resilience, together.


Your home, business or property landscape holds the key to a resilient future! We help identify, plan and transform your property with easy solutions.

1. Site Assessment conducted via remote interviews or on-site visits.

2. Catalog Of Projects identifies Resilience Benefits on your property, and informs Project Recommendations for moving forward.

3. Design Plans for your property are based on the selected projects. You'll receive a Maintenance Manual, and help with Permitting, when needed.

4. Construction Guidance is available along with Materials Guidance, and Volunteer Neighborhood Work Training to help get your project built and in the ground!

5. Funding support is available for some or all of the above depending on regional rebates, discounted services and resource pooling. As us about your eligibility for future funding and technical support!


  • Anyone responsible for land (from renters of small residential homes to owners of large agricultural land, and anything in between)

  • Partners must agree to utilize LRP approved plan

  • Partners must agree to utilize LRP construction guidance

  • Where funding support is available, participants will be selected on a first-come, first-serve basis until funding has been exhausted (*note: funding sources are varied and depend on your region and project. Please ask us for more information!)

  • Employees and employee family members are ineligible

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While the LRP provides Construction Guidance, it is the responsibility of the partner or Landowner to provide adequate labor to accomplish the project. The client has the option of doing the work themselves, hiring a contractor or labor crew of their choice, or participating in the Volunteer Program and hosting a workshop on their property in exchange for volunteer labor. *Ask us if you'd like more information about the Volunteer Program!

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