Rainwater catchment REBATE

Thacher 2,800 Gallon Rain Tank.jpg

Tuolumne County Resource Conservation District is offering a rebate for installed rainwater catchment systems. One inch of rain on 1,000 square feet of roof can generate up to 600 gallons of water. Encouraging responsible rainwater collection is conducive to Tuolumne County RCD’s core goal of enabling water savings and promoting watershed health throughout the region.

Systems with a capacity greater than 165 gallons will be rebated $0.30 per gallon. Systems with a capacity of 165 gallons or less, using rain barrels, will be rebated $1.00 per gallon. Rebates will be calculated based on system storage capacity according to submitted receipts.

Approved materials are rebated at 50% at the completion of the project. All materials need to be approved by TCRCD in order to receive a rebate. Photocopies of all receipts are required for the rebate.


Watersense toilet and showerhead rebate

Due to recent grant funding, all Tuolumne County residents are now eligible for the Watersense Toilet and Showerhead Rebate! Tuolumne Utilities District, and Twain Harte Community Service District, in partnership with the Tuolumne County Resource Conservation District, are offering a rebate of up to $100.00 for one Watersense labeled toilet and up to $25.00 for one Watersense labeled showerhead (one application per household). According to the EPA, replacing just one conventional toilet and one conventional showerhead with Watersense approved models could save the average american household 15,900 gallons of water per year! Some models can be found at a price below the rebate amount.