The Landowner Resiliency Program (LRP) engages with property owners to promote local onsite water treatments such as rainwater harvesting, greywater reuse, stormwater management and water efficient landscaping. Landowners receive professional guidance to ensure their project is built to code specifications and maximize their water conservation goals. LRP assists with system design, planning, project management as well as material and tank rebates to help offset costs. Through this program, local landowners will efficiently manage their onsite water resources towards a more resilient future. 



Landowner Provides:

  • Project Site 

  • Project materials

  • Necessary labor required to complete the project with LRP construction guidance

Program Provides:

  • FREE Site assessment 

  • FREE Project design, engineering, permitting

  • FREE Construction guidance

  • FREE Maintenance and Operation Manual

  • REBATES on Tanks and Materials (Tuolumne / S. Calaveras Counties)

How DOes it work?

  1. Submit an application

    Tuolumne and S. Calaveras Counties


    Ventura County


    Apply HERE

  2. A LRP water design professional will come to your property for a assessment of your site, goals and potential for water conservation

  3. Once a potential project has been identified, the landowner will be asked to sign an agreement / scope of work before proceeding with the project. They will also schedule the installation date of the project at this time.

  4. The LRP design professional will do a second site visit to gather additional specific information necessary to complete the system design.

  5. Once the system has been drawn up, it will be submitted for approval to landowner.

  6. LRP will create a materials list based off the approved design.

  7. Day of system installation, program will provide construction guidance.

  8. LRP will deliver a Operation and Maintenance Manual for your system


Who Can participate?

  • Any landowner within the TCRCD program boundary or Ventura County (Coming Soon!)

  • Landowners must agree to utilize LRP approved plan

  • Landowners must agree to utilize LRP construction guidance

  • Participants will be selected on a first come first serve basis until funding has been exhausted.

  • Employees and family members are ineligible.


While the LRP provides Construction Guidance, it is the responsibility of the Landowner to provide adequate labor to accomplish the project. The Landowner has the option of doing the work themselves, hiring a contractor or labor crew of their choice, or participating in the Volunteer Program and host a workshop on their property in exchange for volunteer labor.


The cost to the Landowner is the price of materials, to be paid in full before the installation of the system. The Landowner is also responsible for providing labor to complete the installation under the Construction Guidance of the LRP. 

The Landowner Resiliency Program is a pilot program and may be subject to changes